12-12 Jumped In, Corporate Citizen, Braggers, Steaksauce Mustache

December 14, 2019 Concert Reviews, Live Music, Riot Scene Events

What an absolutely insane night at Til Two Club!!

The sickest lineup made for the best Friday Eve party EVER. Everyone was out in high spirits anticipating a night of heavy hitters and delicious hot dogs.

Jumped In kicked off the show with a high energy hardcore punk sound and set the vibe for Corporate Citizen, whose sound really took us back to the heavy melodic hardcore of our youth. The boys of Braggers hit the stage and shook up the crowd giving us the wall shaking energy we needed to prepare for what was to follow.

Touring headliners, Steaksauce Mustache, gave one of the best, most crowd engaging experiences any of us had ever been a part of. The jokes, the full blown costumes, balloons everywhere, vocalist Taylor Bates posing and screaming into the mic from the other side of El Cajon Blvd wearing only an adult diaper as we watched through passing cars and buses… and not to mention the musicianship!  These “Hot Dog Daddies” put on a show so insane, we can’t do justice trying to describe it; you’d think we’re full of shit! Despite it being a Thursday night, this rager is certainly one for the books.

Thank you to Til Two Club for hosting another killer Riot Scene event, huge thanks to Carlos for slinging wieners all night and again, shout out to Sam Madnick for the amazing captures. We can not wait to do it all again. 

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From Emo Princess to Riot Queen; Samantha Parker is the better half of Riot Scene. While still green to promoting and journalism, she is an expert show-goer and local music connoisseur. Sam is super stoked to dive deeper in to the scene as both a fan and an ally to artists and creatives alike.

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