3-7 Words from Aztecs, Seconds Ago, Marked;Life, and more at The Bancroft

March 11, 2020 Concert Reviews, Live Music, Riot Scene Events

Raffles, balloons, emergency pizza, busted strings, broken sticks, and 6 of the heaviest bands to take stage for a Riot Scene #wallshaker!

Huge thanks to City of Crooks, Asylus, Words from Aztecs, Seconds Ago, Marked;Life, and Blackcast for melting faces with us all night! Though the night had it’s obstacles, everyone got by with smiling faces and had a great time! Shout out to The Bancroft for hosting and speacial thanks to our boy Jimmy for the very selfless pizza run. Again, Killer shots from the legendary Samantha Madnick (IG: @photo_sami)

We can not thank you guys enough for the overwhelming amounts of love and support we’ve gotten from everyone. Keep bringing the #Riot!  


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Samantha Parker

From Emo Princess to Riot Queen; Samantha Parker is the better half of Riot Scene. While still green to promoting and journalism, she is an expert show-goer and local music connoisseur. Sam is super stoked to dive deeper in to the scene as both a fan and an ally to artists and creatives alike.

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