5-31 Blackcast at the Bancroft

June 18, 2019 Concert Reviews, Live Music, Motorcycle, Riot Scene Events

Riot Scene finally brings the riot to The Bancroft in Spring Valley! On the birthday of the great Clint Eastwood, we came fully prepared with Feelin Lucky Punch and other drink specials.

Mandala kicked the doors down opening up the night with deep bass and heavy riffs, followed by Fire & Flesh shaking the walls and getting the crowd moving.

No one could have predicted what The Undertaking was going to introduce us to, and nothing could have prepared us. Coming in with an agressive, fast paced energy, The Undertaking blew us away with a sound little heard since Every Time I Die was taking over our mix CDs. As soon as we thought we were safe, their singer, Austin,  brings that energy to the face of every attendee as he goes through the crowd screaming along and engaging absolutely everyone in the room. Can’t wait to watch these guys take over the San Diego music scene.

Our headliner Blackcast never disappoints! Keeping the crowd moving and firing up a massive mosh pit, Blackcast melted faces and kept everyone wanting more!

Huge thank you to Rob with The Bancroft for letting us rattle the windows and shake the walls! Can’t wait for the next one – make sure you don’t miss out…

Amazing shots from Kayla Harrington

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