Artist Spotlight: Blackcast

April 1, 2020 Artist Spotlight, Live Music, Metal


Blackcast - Riot Scene

Blackcast will literally wreck your mind with their substantial metal strength that’s first rate face melting.

If by chance, you have missed Blackcast when they hit the stage for one of the many Riot Scene events, you won’t make that mistake again. As for myself? I’ve enjoyed the shit out of  Blackcast twice, and each time their sets were flawlessly executed as this band is cohesive, crazy talented , and devastatingly face melting! Proof? Well, let me show you!


Social Media

First off, the best method to learn about any band and to  stay up to date on upcoming shows and releases  is through their social media. So, please, connect with Blackcast on FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM, and YOUTUBE


On to what you’ve been waiting for,


The following two videos were sourced from the Blackcast YouTube channel. Please enjoy and share with your neighbors, we’ll bid you farewell here with hopes you’ll come back soon!

This monster, “The American Dream”  was just released on March 27, 2020. Turn this shit UP!!

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This video, released on March 17, 2020,  features the drummer and is as you can see Riot Scene had something to do with this visual candy!  

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Special note from Riot Scene Founder, Peter Amirato:

Love this awesome group of individuals and the sounds they make together. Huge thank you from me to Blackcast for being day-one’s with Riot Scene. When you hopped on the very first two-band lineup Riot Scene put on a stage I knew we had to work close with you guys for the long haul. Riot Scene will always support Blackcast……….. until your music starts to suck! 😉


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