5-11 Blackcast at Salty Frog

May 11, 2019 Concert Reviews, Live Music, Riot Scene Events

1988 Presents runs a tight program and Riot Scene is glad to team up on future shows and events!

The Salty Frog was packed shoulder to shoulder for San Diego stage slayers Blackcast, Legions, Defy the Tyrants, and Alpha Apex. As people spilled out onto the street you could feel the power of every bass kick, sharp guitar, and heart wrenching scream. Blackcast always gives a great show, tonight they even pulled up Bill from Die a Martyr to do guest vocals for their closing track, getting everyone to sing and chant together!

Huge thank you to The Salty Frog in Imperial Beach for supporting the San Diego metal scene, and shout out to 1988 Presents for putting on a great event! We were stoked to be a part of it!

Check out Blackcast latest video release – Brain Dead

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