12-13 The Fright Before Christmas

December 14, 2019 Concert Reviews, Live Music, Riot Scene Events

Such an amazing night starting a #riot with all of you!

We had power outages, lighting issues, even equipment problems; no surprise for a post-full moon Friday the 13th event. Huge props to Zero South for opening up the show with their best performance to date getting the crowd WILD to kick off the night! Huge thanks to Lucrecia for laying down a mind blowing set and for bringing out Smash Bros for everyone to play between sets, and even bigger thank you to all the bands willing to swap time slots to keep the vibe going alll night!

Orenda blew everyone away mid-show with an impact we didn’t think could be topped, followed by The Unsung blowing out more power boxes and bringing the crowd to their feet! Asylus kept the crowd movin, jumping through the audience, getting everyone down on singing along and rocking hard! Our homies in Blackcast closed out the show with unparalleled energy and heavy riffs giving us one hell of a night to remember!

Throughout the night we had Billy Digits throwing down $20 Friday the 13 tattoos with an overflowing list- he was going until 1am! Huge thanks to Legacy Brewing, all the bands, and the fans that made this night such a great experience. Another shout out to photo mastermind Sam Madnick (IG: photo_sami) for the killer shots!

Come join the next one and start a riot! 




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