Handle your merch, without handling your merch.

We give you a killer website and online store loaded with your product, we handle the printing, we ship your orders, and we pay you.

How it works:

Choose your path

Our fulfillment program starts with an online store, that flows order information to the parent store (RiotScene.net) to aid with shipping an inventory management. To make a bigger impact with your digital footprint,  you can scale your website to include a blog, event calendar, and even a link aggregator for your social networks.

One time $350 Signup fee applies for all members

Basic Path



Includes online store, and standard merch fulfillment for up to 3 designs/products.

Sellout Path



Includes website complete with blog, online store, link aggregator for socials and merch fulfillment for up 12 designs/products, with available garment variations.

We print, fold, and prep

High quality garments printed by hand-picked vendors trusted for quality and speed. Alstyle, NextLevel, Anvil, Bella, and Gildan just to name a few; all products fulfilled through Riot Scene are on shirts made to last. All garments are board-folded, quality checked for blemishes, and added to active online inventory.

Your artwork is in good hands

Work with our team to create new artwork, or submit your own. We’ll take your artwork and coordinate positioning, colors, size, and garments with the best printers to make sure you have a badass product.

Limit 3 designs/products on the Basic path. Riot Scene is available to design your next product for an additional fee.

We give you the tools to promote your band AND your merch

Let your merch pay for itself, we can help. We do an initial order of each design to facilitate fulfillment during the release period of your product, when enough product is sold in the first 30 days, it applies directly to your production costs so you can start collecting profit. 80% of all online profit goes back to you, paid out monthly or at desired intervals.

Payout start after first 30 days, or after balance of production run is met.

We pack, ship, and track

From ordered to delivered, as quick as possible. With Riot Scene handling your inventory your customers will never get backordered, and you can rest easy knowing you didn’t lose count on how many you sold last week. Shipped secure and insured through USPS, you can be confident your order was received on time and in perfect condition.

Let’s get started

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