New Release Spotlight – “Awake” by The Unsung

April 6, 2020 Metal, Post Hardcore, Video Review

It feels like I’ve been on the longest pop punk/punk kick of my life as of late. Of course, I listen to a little bit of everything, but that’s been about the only constant for the longest. After a while, though, I just had to face facts and call it my favorite type of music.

I said that to say that it’s been a minute since I’ve fully indulged in the metal/metalcore side of the scene. That being said, when I was introduced to The Unsung, I was pretty impressed. I first heard their latest single ‘Awake’ a few days ago, and it had a certain charm that grabbed me right off the bat. The signature metal riffs and hammer-ons are definitely there, but they’re arranged with the music in such a way that sounds fresh, so to speak. Moreover, I absolutely love how passionate and into the music they seem. The way their entire bodies move as they play their instruments and pour their hearts into every single word and note–that’s the way that music should be played. I know that’s definitely how I imagine myself playing when I listen and play the air guitar to my favorite songs (I mean…what?).

Also, I’d just like to highlight how much I enjoyed seeing them cover Billie Eillish’s ‘Bad Guy’. I’ll admit it, I adore that song, and I truly think she’s insanely talented. Now, I loved this for a couple of different reasons. First, pop and metal fans have been at odds for literal ages, and it’s always nice when the two genres come together and mesh so well (see also: I Prevail’s cover of ‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift). Second, it’s just a lot better than some of the other covers I’ve seen floating around. The last thing I want to do is knock anyone’s shine, but I felt genuinely pumped listening to this one. Also, what I said for ‘Awake’s music video definitely goes for this one, as well. When the vocalist, Tyler, points into the camera with such a burning intensity, I truly felt every ounce of it.

All-in-all, this is definitely a band I see myself coming back to pretty often. They’re already rising through the ranks in the scene, and I hope they really do blow up. I want to see them make it big–and I have no doubt that they will. But, for right now, I’ll just leave this with a gnarly 9/10 rating and reserve bragging right as one of the few to review them before they hit the big times (insert overly smug sunglasses emoji).

As always, stay tuned for more!

Check ’em out:

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